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Talent Resources Ventures

At TR Ventures, we have a passion for helping early-stage entrepreneurs innovate and provide value to their consumers. This passion comes from 15 years of innovating within the influencer marketing space to provide both brands and influencers the ability to add value, particularly consumer-facing brands. Which is why we believe in investing more than just capital. The core of our investment strategy revolves around bringing our investments into the Talent Resources family by helping our partners leverage the full capabilities of Talent Resources coupled with the network and know-how of our Principal, Mike Heller.

When Talent Resources first began pitching the concept of pairing brands with celebrities and (what were then called) “influential” people in an organic manner, many brands scoffed at the idea of using non-traditional marketing methods. Fast Forward to the present where there isn't a major brand that doesn't utilize some form of influencer marketing in their strategy. Over a decade later, this drive to innovate and affect positive change in an industry is what led to the creation of TR Ventures

Our headquarters is located in NYC. 
Additional offices are located in both Boston and Los Angeles.

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