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Join Talent Resources Ventures Investor Syndicate Fund

Signup below to join Talent Resources Ventures (TR Ventures/TRV) Investor Syndicate Fund to co-invest in ~3-5 top Venture Capital investment opportunities per quarter.


As a member of TRV’s Investor Syndicate, you can choose to invest on a deal by deal basis. You will have access to secured allocations in highly competitive venture capital opportunities that have return potentials of ~10-100x+.

At Talent Resources Ventures, we pride ourselves on our ability to utilize both sides of our diverse company. We leverage our PR, Social Media Marketing and Celebrity Influencer Services to benefit our portfolio companies, and allow for greater investment opportunities. We have passion for helping early stage entrepreneurs innovate and provide value to their customers.

TRV co-invests alongside other top tier investors in seed through growth stage companies across Consumer, Tech, FinTech, Cannabis, Hospitality, Blockchain, and Health & Wellness industries.

Are you an accredited investor or qualified purchaser?

Principles of Membership*

PLEASE NOTE: As a member of the Talent Resources Ventures Investor Syndicate, you agree to receive information on the investment opportunities we are investing in, which includes due diligence information on companies seeking investment, subject to the following conditions: 1) All information you receive from us is to be kept strictly confidential and is considered confidential information, 2) Members shall not share such confidential information with other individuals, funds, companies, or groups outside of TRV's Investor Syndicate unless the Member has received specific approval by Talent Resources Ventures to do so and the receiving party has specifically confirmed their adherence to these Principles of Membership prior to receipt of materials, 3) Information a Member receives is only to be used by individual angels, groups of angels, and family offices who have the intention of investing personally or as an entity through TRV's Investor Syndicate, and not investment managers seeking deal flow for their own funds to make direct investments outside of investing through TRV's Investor Syndicate, 4) Members agree to invest solely through the Talent Resources Ventures Investor Syndicate in investment opportunities that have been shared through the Talent Resources Ventures Syndicate, 5) Members agree to pay a 2% management fee for 10 years, which is collected upfront and then drawn down over a 10 year period. Upon a liquidity event in less than 10 years any remaining management fee that has not been drawn down is returned to investors. There is also a 20% carried interest on profits, 6) Members shall not syndicate the same opportunity (or a derivative thereof) on any other platform or for any other group without approval by Talent Resources Ventures 7) Members shall not seek a direct or indirect allocation in companies, after being provided with information about such investment opportunities through TRV, TRV affiliates, or our Investor Syndicate, which would circumvent, compete, or otherwise affect TRV's investment allocation.

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