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Announcement - TR Ventures Launches “The Board Room” Blog

TR Ventures strives to help early-stage entrepreneurs boost their brands by leveraging the global machine of Talent Resources and TR Sports, harnessing their relationships, network, and diverse skill sets in social media and celebrity & influencer relations. Our proprietary technology identifies our core audiences and provides an edge and advantage when helping companies understand the landscape of their category. We are able to self-audit competitive brands and break down social media communities, providing excellent insights to our team that allow us to accelerate and amplify our clients to levels never before imagined.

Talent Resources seeks disruptors in their categories who offer alternatives to past lines of thought and better products for the modern consumer. Alongside our seasoned communication and media team of industry experts and PR professionals, Talent Resources navigates charged moments and events that have the potential to boost brands to new heights and mold their narrative in ways never thought possible.

A year ago we saw the potential in Unity as the future of gaming, and recognized a special force at play behind their brand. We invested in their technology and now are proud to see their brand achieve a massively successful IPO this past September, raising $1.3 billion and seeing stock shares soar past industry expectations. We’ve also invested in several other success stories, including Juul, Inmode, and Beyond Meat, to name a few. Following a successful exit, we are proud and excited to see Beyond Meat continue to expand internationally and lead the health wave toward plant-based meat alternatives.

TR Ventures is excited to announce and launch our new blog: ​The Board Room​. Here, we will provide deep-dive analysis on industry trends as well as provide updates on some of the exciting developments of our portfolio companies such as Unity. Our team will also be interviewing interesting leaders across the VC space and sharing their insights, experiences, and advice on our blog in hopes of providing inspiration and encouragement for aspiring entrepreneurs.

Together, our cross-industry relationships allow us to connect early-stage entrepreneurs to the resources they need to innovate, reach, and provide maximum value to their customers. Our blog will highlight and amplify these moments and provide expert value for all seeking to learn.


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