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Finding Your Audience: Nurturing Authenticity Through Influencer Marketing

Like any marketing campaign, influencer marketing has to be done properly to not only be effective, but authentically impactful. In an ever-dynamic social media landscape, influencer marketing has attracted attention—and success—from both small and large brands alike.

However, implementing a successful influencer marketing campaign is not as easy as it may seem. Every day our feeds are flooded with sponsored content, with influencers showing off their latest gift-hauls and sponsorships without any connection to their audience. The most important factor in an influencer marketing campaign—and in any campaign—is authenticity.

Pairing the right brand with the right product at the right time is crucial to identifying and executing an influencer marketing strategy, and that’s where Talent Resources comes in.

Talent Resources is a bridge between Hollywood and Madison Avenue; providing premier

brands with instant access to the massive audiences of the leading celebrities and

influencers in the world since 2007. One of the first agencies to recognize the value of influencers in driving engagement and amplifying brand strategy, TR has seen a dramatic rise in the demand and need for finding the right talent while navigating the new digital landscape.

Leveraging experience, connections, and a deep understanding of cross-industry audiences, TR knows exactly how to pair the right talent with the right brand for maximum audience engagement and ROI.

This winter, the TR team tackled two unique influencer campaigns: one for Papa’s Pops, a healthy snacking alternative offering skinless popcorn, and one for Ohza, a premium ready-to-drink mimosa cocktail brand. In each case, our strategy was delicately crafted around audience insight and interest.

For example, Papa’s Pops’ seeks to engage with audiences of all ages, offering a fun and healthy snacking alternative for the whole family. That considered, how would we maximize family outreach and engagement through a single high-impact campaign?

Our answer: moms. Leveraging our network and past influencer gifting strategies, the TR team identified the influencer demographic who seemed most interested and engaged in trying the product and sharing it with their families—in particular, with their kids. Through this campaign, TR and Papa’s Pops worked together to send customized sample packages to over 50 influencers in our target demographic, and in response, we witnessed the love for Papa’s Pops:

For Ohza, our summer 2020 campaign highlighted their light and fruity mango and bellini flavors, while our winter campaign sought to highlight their new cranberry mimosa offering. Unlike Papa’s Pops, our influencer target for Ohza was more expansive. Covering a wider range of influencers from skiers to home cooking enthusiasts, our coverage for Ohza has witnessed over 450 million impressions to date, truly hammering home their slogan that mimosas are “Not Just For Brunch.”

These case studies considered, each influencer marketing campaign should be tailored to the best interest of the brand and their target audience. When considering your own influencer marketing strategy, keep authenticity top-of-mind and the rest will fall into place.


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